Saturday, November 7, 2009

Friday 4 x 20 Knocked out!

Day 75

Boston Qualifying Training. Well here we are the end of Week 11. The fourth of five, 20 mile runs. I feel bad. My stomach is in pain. Kim and Harry spent the night wrapped tightly to the porcelain and a bucket. They clearly have the food poisoning worse than I do. I am happy that I spent time last night putting the bottles out before the plague set in.

Arriving at LTF, I am dressed and ready to go. Jay shows and we are prepared for our run. Today’s menu, 20 miles at an 8:30 pace. We decide to keep it close to 8:30 and drop it down to an 8:20 is pace late in the run. Pure negative splits. Setting Jay's Garmin and my watch, we are off. It is cold this morning, in the low 30's, we both wear shorts and long sleeves. The air is crisp and fresh. There is frost on the ground. The stars are filling the night sky and moon is nearly full. As we click past the first half mile, Jay spots a deer jumping into the woods.

I find that it take a couple of miles to get my body up to speed and warm. The breathing is easy and I focus on an even stride. It seams to be working my left leg is good so far, in fact it will not bother me the entire run. My stomach is making all sorts of noises though. Darn food poisoning. We are close to mile 5 and it hits… my stomach is at war. I quicken my pace… There is a bathroom at Will’s park. Jay, we need to pick it up. Jay suggest a tree, I'll let Jay pretend to be a bear in the woods.

I make it and I quietly thank myself for packing the baby wipes. I thought this might happen given how bad my stomach was last night. A real big thanks to my bud Corey, great idea on the baby wipes in a sandwich bag. I am saved. It is quick, violent and over in less than 40 seconds. I exit the restroom a new and relieved man. Let’s get going.

The miles tick along with the conversation. We are running easy. We pass mile eight and head to the back side of Mansell Road, it is my least favorite part of the run. We pass Waffle House at mile ten. All systems are go and my stomach is no longer making noise.

Heading up mount Westside Parkway, we are through the most difficult part of the run. Thirteen down, seven to go. I look at Jay, cruise control. He is steady, I too feel good. “Jay” I say, “let’s pick up the pace with 6 to go” it is the easier part of the route. We finish fourteen and the pace quickens. The horses are running and it feels good. I feel strong.

The next three miles are strong. A quick drink at mile seventeen and we are ready to finish off the run… Up and down Campbell Road, we hit Westside Parkway, left to Windward, Northpoint, up Marta, behind LTF we are laughing and joking, this is too easy. We pull up to the door and the 20 miles are done 2:45:30, 8:16’s for the total run.

The negative splits must have been fast. Jay never did tell me what we were running. I now know why. Though it was too fast, I am happy. This was a run that provided me confidence.

Right now I am confident. Pace and consistency. Be strong at the end. A good run.

Heading to Cracker Barrel for a weekly Friday breakfast Jay and I talk about a road trip to Huntsville in two weeks to run our last 20 on the course. It would be good if we can. We’ll both need spouse approval for that to happen.

Kim and Harry are still sick, when I get home. We nurse the sick and I keep busy with work. The day ends with practice for Wil and Jack and I later attending the Milton game.

Week 11 is done. Good deal. Bring on Week 12 I’m ready!

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