Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday...

Day 70

Boston Qualifying Training. I wake up later than expected. The day will pattern this start. We are late getting to Mel’s. I forgot to bring the football picks and we had to go back home, right where I left them, on the counter.

At home, I spend hours, really, hours, putting up the Halloween decorations. I though it might take me 45 minutes tops, wrong 3 hours. The day is zipping by, my goal is to finish so I can watch the Giants, I almost miss the start. We all love the Giants in the Marinich house.

As excited as I was about the game, I knew that this was a make break game for the Giants, a win would put them back on the road to a good season and in first place in the division, though a loss could be the start of the Giants spiraling out of control. Grabbing some snacks we all sit down to watch the game. In minutes of the start, the game is over, Eagles dominate.

I knew before the game started I would have to leave for Wil’s Sunday game. By the time we had to leave I was eager to turn off the television. The Giants lost 40-17! Not even a competition. I'm still a fan, but it will be a tough season. Two years ago I said the Superbowl win would last me 7 years... 2 down.

At the park, the team shows up late. The game starts and it is clear each boy is suffering the affects of a candy induced coma. Those that do not have candy corn stuck to their face suffer from lack of sleep.

Blocks are missed, balls are dropped, routes not run correctly and defense at time porous. Safe for a few highlights, the game easily could have been lost. However after a rousing half-time talk from the coach, me, the boys hit the field with determination to put the game away. It was not pretty, but the boys won, 12 – 0.

I really do not care as much about the win, but really use this time to teach the fundamentals of football. I had a lot of coaching opportunities today!

Pulling away from the field, I am happy for the distraction of Wil’s game, not because the Giants lost, or Jack’s team lost last night, but to take my mind off training. I think this weekend is a good weekend to help me keep things in perspective. Sure, I want to do well on December 12th and yes, I want to qualify for Boston. But the reality is the balance of family, work, faith, and training is important and so delicate.

I work desperately to keep my focus on family and not let the training consume me, or spill over to the family in a way that is negative. I do think my training can be a positive aspect for the boys. I think it is important that they understand that goals require discipline and degree of sacrifice. I also think it is important for them to know that you may not be great everyday, but everyday can be a great day!

At home, dinner is fixed and we enjoy having my sister and brother visiting. All is done in time to watch the Yankee’s play. I will only make it to the 3rd inning. I will not be late for bed! Week 11 starts at 4:15 AM. I am ready, bring it!

Good night moon, good night stars.

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