Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday... All is quiet

Day 84

Boston Qualifying Training. A great Sunday morning. I finally sleep after re-playing Jack’s game from last night. The bad part is the majority of the night was already over when I finally slept.

Waking at fully at 7:00 I am up. I go downstairs and print out the football picks, as I do every Sunday. Heading back to the main floor, I sweep up the kitchen, take out the garbage, let the dogs our, fill up their dog bowls, give Rocky his meds, sweep out the garage, empty all the garbage from my car and about a half dozen other items as I wait for the family to get dressed and ready for breakfast.

After we are all rounded up we head to Mel’s. Our reserved table with the Sunday paper, sports on top is waiting. We have another great meal and all of us take our time this morning. Not that we are not busy, but Diane and Harry are leaving for home after we eat. They have been here a little over two weeks but it feels like two minutes. So good to have family. The boys as well as Kim and I love to have them visit. We all have a good time. We hug, and take a few last photos as they drive off back to Binghamton.

The remainder of the day is filled with work and play, football with Jack, riding bikes and feeding the ducks with Wil, cleaning out the cars and too many emails to even think about.

After making dinner for the family and the weekly Marinich of the Week Award being handed out, Jack won, we settle on to the couch and enjoy the Colts and Patriots game. I will not see the end of the game, I am running with Corey at 5:30 AM 8 miles at an minute per mile pace.Good night Sunday.

Hello week 13

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