Friday, October 23, 2009

Travel Kills Training

Day 60

Boston Qualifying Training. Nothing. Well almost nothing. I woke early and headed down toward the pool. It was closed. No swimming this morning. I knew by this time all the guys would be at LTF and well into the first set, building their fitness. Yet here I stood in the darkness of Las Vegas, with only the glow of the strip providing light. I walk past the barricade saying "Pool Closed" and briefly think, okay, this might still work, I'll slip in, get 1,500 meters in and slip out. My plan is immediately squashed as two maintenance works emerge from the dark carrying pool cleaning equipment and politely remind me, while pointing to the obviously disturbed barricade, that "Sir", "the pool is closed". I thank them and inquire about a fitness center. The larger of the two points to a bank of 10-12 doors and says go through door with the light. I look over and see that all the doors have a light. Right. I decide I’ll figure it out myself. Walking over it is the door on the far left, a little more descriptive, but there is a reason he is doing pool maintenance. I walk down the flight of stairs, locked. Dang. I am up, but the west coast world is not, at least those seeking fitness. Gambling and smoking 24 x 7 in Vegas. As a side bar thought... From the time I have landed I have smelled nothing but cigarette smoke. Living where public smoking is not legal, I have to say, it has been horrible these last few days in Vegas. The smoke is everywhere.

Heading back to my room, I see a guy stumbling to his room. He is attending the same conference that I am attending and I recognize him from the night before. He was heading to the “tables” as I was heading to bed last night. He pulled an all-nighter, gambling and drinking. I see no pleasure in that. He is happy to tell me in a drunken slur of words that he won some of his money back and is now only $2,000 down. Uh, yeah. The previous evening he spoke about his secret gambling account with $11,000 in it. Secret in that his wife does not know about this money. Dude, you have a problem.

Back at the room I put towels down on the floor and stretch, I work core and do a quick military workout, sit ups, push ups, dips. It is not enough, but it is all that is available. I consider walking the tower stairs, 38 floors, but decide, this will be too much when I have a 20 miler in two days.

I head to the conference and do not see the light of day. 12 hours Later I take a few clients out for food and cocktails. I do my best to make a quick evening, but it is 1:00 AM ET when I finally head back to my room. I see that the Yankee’s lose as I walking back to my room, rats! It is 1:17 AM ET. My stuff is packed and I am asleep before I can finish my prayers.

Traveling kills training. I feel as if I am just gaining pounds and losing fitness.

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