Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nemo's Lucky Fin

Day 58

Boston Qualifying Training. Frustrated. That is the best way to express my feelings right now. Just plain frustrated. I woke this morning after a restless nights sleep. Every time I turned a sharp pain in my shoulder would wake me up. It ached all night highlighted with bolts of white hot pain to remind me why I should not dive for a football on Sunday.

Carefully crawling out of bed, I made my way to the gym. Easing into the pool, I started slow, working my shoulder carefully, part of the rotation was okay, other parts of the motion was barely tolerable. I move gently and slowly in the water trying to warm up and hoping as the muscle and joint warms the pain will cease. The more I go, the more I find I am unable to pull with my right arm. I feel like Nemo with the little fin on one side. After the first 250 I thought maybe… it will be slow and I might end up swimming in a circle, but maybe.

I was unable to breast stroke for the next 200, so back to my slow crawl, again managing the pain and waiting for it to dull. A 100 Kick and it was time for the main set. The first part of the main set was 4 x 200. I was able to get through the first two, though by the third 200, the bolts of sharp pain, became a long continuous pain in the shoulder for the complete motion. No good. Time to stop. I’m 1000 meters into a 3600 meter workout and I am done. I go directly to the kick session, completing 5 x 100 kick board with fins. Total for the morning is 1500 meters. I barely warmed up.

Showering is a chore as I can not lift my arm. My trip to Vegas is well timed… I will miss the pool on Thursday and take that time to rest the arm. Likely I will find a tower and walk a tower several stories up and down until I hit a 100 floors. Always a good workout. I’ll spend the next few days focusing on core. I’ll also do that today during lunch.

Weight 179… dang… frustration all around. Thank goodness tomorrow is track day.

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