Monday, October 5, 2009

Rainy days and Monday... at the Track

Day 43

Boston Qualifying Training. The start of week six. It is raining as I go to bed last night and I think about the fact that Jay and I will likely be running in the rain. I wake several times in the night, the last time, 1 minute before the alarm goes off. I get up and head to LTF. I see two runners heading down Academy as I make my way to the gym, I flash my lights as I suspect it is Ann Marie getting in her tempo run. Go AM.

Hooking up with Jay we head to the track. The weather is cold and wet. Dedication comes to mind as Jay and I hit the track. It is cold, dark and the rain and wind has picked up. We have 6 x 800 at a 3:12 pace today. We decide to take turns, it is our goal to get as close as possible to the 3:12 number. I start us off, we are right on for the first lap, though the second lap is fast and we end at 3:06, too fast.

As we take the 1:30 RI, Jay comments on the weather and that the pay-off will be worth it. We are clearly earning it today. Jay take the next 800… he takes off on the first lap like he was being chased by a pack of dogs. I look behind me just to make sure. The second lap is equally fast… 3:04. Too fast again. The next two go by easy, but we can not seem to hit anything but 3:06. My last lap, I am determined to run 3:10. We take off and it seems we are going slow, we are barely breathing and the laps seem almost effortless. The time 3:10. Nice. Jay is equally consistent on his lap and we turn a 3:09, good.

Back at LTF we Stretch and work core, the Planks are getting easier. It feels good. However schools buses are waiting and I head back to home to see the boys off. This morning I go to Birmingham. I hope to be home to watch the game tonight with Jack and Wil. Busy week, tomorrow is Miami, Wednesday, Tampa, Thursday & Friday Chicago.

Weight… 181 Grrrr.

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