Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I've got your back

Day 51

Boston Qualifying Training. Exhausted. I am Exhausted. Sure, I went to bed early and I felt great when I woke up, but here I am at the end of the first set and I am worn out. Last week was tough with travel and it killed me to break my consecutive masters swim class streak. I was at 10 in a row, now I am back to day one though ready to start again.

The entire swim workout is a gut buster. Clearly this “off day” conditioning is working and there is no question that this workout will take me one more step closer to Boston.

A quick shower and the day is filled with work and meetings. The day goes by fast and soon Wil is home from school. Wil’s best friend Jimmy came over to play in the afternoon. Wil and Jimmy are both in 1st grade, though Jimmy is clearly an entire head taller than Wil. This is a great photo of the two boys.

As I sit there working, I often over hear their conversation and the perspective of a 7 year old can be very refreshing. Today, I over heard their conversation however Jimmy was upset.

Yesterday, while riding home on the bus, a kid in 2nd grade and easily a head taller than Jimmy who is a big kid, took advantage of the fact that Jimmy’s older brother was not on the bus.

Seeing an opportunity tease Jimmy, he taunted him saying he looked like a Girl. Jimmy is a gentle giant and not one to engage, he said nothing though it clearly bothered him. Hearing this and seeing how much it hurt his friend, Wil was mad. Wil immediately asked Jimmy, "was it that Ben kid…?" "Next time you tell me I’ll beat him up for you!"

I nearly fell out of my chair, first it was nice to hear Wil wanted to stick up for his friend, but these two boy are easily a foot and half taller than Wil. I had to laugh. It’s nice to have a best buddy.
Weight... 179. I blame the apple pie.

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