Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thrilling Thursday

Day 39

Boston Qualifying Training. Clearly I went to bed too late last night. It was tough to get up this morning, and though I had parked the Mustang outside last night, it was too cold to drive this morning. The temperature was 50 degrees as I drove to LTF. I was thinking about tomorrows run as I drove, the cooler weather will feel good. I have a little anxiety about the run tomorrow, though I do not know why, I’ve done several 20 miles runs and I know how it all breaks down. The good part is Jay and I will be running together, so unlike last week, I’ll have good company and I will have an idea of pace. Last week I went faster than prescribed. I did the math and I was faster than I was supposed to be, at least it was the final 3 miles where I had picked up the speed.

The pool today was cool and it took a full 150 meter for me to warm up. I was swimming in lane one with Ann Marie. The pace today was tough, we were doing sets of 100’s in descending time. The last 3 sets seemed as if we had no time at the wall. I felt strong at first, and ripped off a few 1:40’s and 1:44 plus. AM suggested I should be swimming in the next lane, however, I knew the effort it was taking to hold pace. I just do not have the swimming endurance yet, getting there though.

The second and third sets were good, but not the same quality as the main set. I did not get to finish the entire workout, skipping the social kick and cool down, I needed to get home and put Wil on the bus. He and I managed to not miss the bus today. That is good, the bad part, he and I will likely never know what happened the Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat.

I have several meeting this morning, and a few tasks that must be accomplished today. With all that swimming, it will be tough to be alert. I fully expect I will have a coke before 10:00 AM.

Lunch will be at LTF hitting the weights, core will be an emphasis. Weight today, 179, not bad.

Tomorrow night I will be starting a new Painting. It has been a few months since I painted and I am excited to paint, I miss it. The painting will be 6’ x 3’ it is for a charity function. It will be the highlight of the auction. Should be cool.

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