Monday, October 5, 2009

Sunday Fun Day

Day 42

Boston Qualifying Training. I barely remember going to bed last night and I sleep in until 7:00 AM. The family wakes and we head to Mel’s for our weekly Sunday breakfast. We are fully clad in our Giants gear and “picks” sheet in hand. A great breakfast and some bold picks we head home as the calls roll in asking about the previous days games. We share the highlights of the game with family members and the plays get better each time we tell the story.

Back at home we all get ready for a game of football with the neighbors. It was a blast last week and it is equally fun this week. I hit 5 touchdown passes. I was on fire! Once again the adults beat up on the freshman football team. At some point the worm will turn and we will be unable to beat the boys, but for now, we’ll take the bragging rights. Looking forward to Jeff and Morgan joining us next week.

Home, we have work to be done. Hitting the attic, we pull down the Halloween decorations and get busy. Later Jack, Wil and a friend of theirs, Jared play a good game of football in the back yard. Soon it is dinner and I am grilling out for the family and making a great dish of mac and cheese. Everything is good as Sunday comes to an end. I sit on the couch doing emails as the boys are at the table getting a head start on projects for school. Bed early as it is the start of week six tomorrow.

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