Sunday, October 18, 2009

It snowed on my French Toast

Day 56

Boston Training Qualifying. Last night my boys were “blanked”, though there were some good plays, they did not play well. Again, I found myself very frustrated unable to find the calls that would bring success. I find it very tough to sleep easy after a loss. I continue to run the plays and various scenarios through my head in an attempt to learn for the next game. Eventually sleep comes and it is a deep sleep, until my alarm goes off… No… I forgot to turn off my alarm. Worse, yet fumbling with the alarm to turn it off I inadvertently hit snooze. Five minutes later after falling back to sleep I learn of my mistake. Worse yet, I wake up Kim too. She is not happy. Now we are both laying there wide awake. Way too early for a Sunday. We both lay in bed with the idea of going back to sleep, but it never comes, we decide there are better things to do…

After showering and taking care of morning chores, it is off to breakfast with the boys. I skip this omelet this morning and opt for French Toast, perfect for a cold morning. They make it like my Mom. She used to finish off the plate with powedered sugar, as my Mom would say, it snowed on the French Toast.

It is a great breakfast and once again the cook comes over with a plate full of bacon. BACON!!!! We all talk about the big game the Giants have, though I am not confident, I believe the Saints are the real deal this year.

Excitedly we head home, I am looking forward to football this morning with the boys, we have been playing for 4 weeks now. It is my expectation to redeem myself after last’s weeks poor performance, 3 picks, wow. After a good warm up, sides are chosen and we start the game.

The game goes back and forth, it is a good game, but I drop no less than 6 passes… what is going on. It is not as bad as it sounds as I later catch two TD’s, including one that came from Jack on a broken scramble play.

The only problem is we had mis-matched numbers and for the first time we have a mix of freshman players, boys and adults on each side. This lead to the game taking a different feel, I found myself far too often diving and taking some hard hits… I need to think about this again. At the end of the game I hit the ground so hard while I was diving I thought I dislocated my shoulder.

Thankfully, I did not, but I can not raise my right arm without using my left arm to help. The next play we win… I hide the pain and shake it off, but happy the game is over driving home with my left arm.

With the new week coming there is work to be done around the house, including painting. New carpet is coming, and I need to have the base boards painted and done before the carpet comes on Wednesday. I am happy to have the distraction as the Giants are absolutely demolished by the Saints. Rats. I reason that the season is still early, and I actually though the Gmen might loose this one, perhaps this will be a wake up call as the Gmen will face the strength of the season in the next few weeks.

As the evening winds down, I receive an email from Jay, “ tempo, lunch?” “Beer and Falcons game tonight.” Good Idea Jay.

I will not watch the whole game and look for a full nights sleep, week 9 starts tomorrow, my body and mind need to be fresh.

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