Monday, October 26, 2009

Friday - Leaving Vegas

Day 61

Boston Qualifying Training. Can anyone tell me what happened to Friday. I woke up in Vegas at 4:15, 7:15 AM ET, but that was after a late night entertaining clients. Most people in the city of “Lost Wages” typically are drunk, gambling and smoking. It is not a pretty sight, as you walk the streets you see a lot of interesting people and a considerable number of them are over weight.

As I was walking out of the elevator, when I saw the most attractive person I had seen in Vegas, she was stunning. Now, I am a happily married man, and Kim is truly beautiful to and always has been, but, in the sea of Vegas tourist, this women clearly stood out. As I am processing this information, I consider the fact that is just after 4 in the morning. Why is she alone… you would think that someone would be with her… who would just let he walk back to the room alone… than it hits me. Ah… She’s working! Though I was staying in a very nice hotel, Paris, clearly this is not uncommon.

At the airport I am exhausted. I sit there working on email and trying to catch up on the work that piled up while at the conference. The plane ride is uneventful and I log in with the idea of having all my email done before I land in 4 hours… my battery decides to give it up. I had about one hour of work. Perhaps that is a good thing. I use the time to sleep. I grab a few Z’s but it is not completely restful.

Look at the wave coming out of my brain

Landing I race up 400, making calls and tying up loose ends. The pace never lets up, plane, calls, Wil’s practice, Jack’s practice, home, and sleep. I feel like a zombie. Saturdays 20 mile run will be tough.

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