Monday, October 12, 2009


Day 49

Boston Qualifying Training. Aahhhhh, a nice fall morning and it’s Sunday. Everything slows down just a little bit today. After a hectic week of travel and a very busy Saturday it’s nice to know that there is no sense of urgency today. I lay in bed for a few extra seconds and stretch, the sheets are cool and it just feels good. Kim is slowly waking as I roll out of bed.

The house is a little quieter this morning as Wil is at a sleep over. It is just the three of us at Mel’s for breakfast. Once again a killer omelet. Those guys do a great job and the football picks are going to be close today. Kim and I are so close only 3 games separate us after 4 weeks.

As always, we head to the grocery store, but today we do it with a twist, a battle plan is devised and it is our goal to get in and out of the store in less than 15 minutes. It’s fun as we hit the aisles skidding around the store with the wheels squealing on the floor. I think Jack and I enjoyed this little adventure a bit more than Kim.

At home, we prepare for our Sunday football game. As good as I was last week with 5 TD passes, I am horrible today. 3 picks, one returned for a touchdown. Dang. I end up with one TD pass. I did do well on defense and block a few passes. The freshman take the lead, but the adults come back for the win. This week was far more competitive. At some point they will beat us and we will likely not win again. The vigor's of youth.

Back home, the family gathers around the TV to watch the giants game. The Gmen roll to a 44 – 7 win and the game is never close. Next week the real competition starts, we’ll see how good the Giants are in the next few weeks, Saints, Arizona, Eagles and San Diego. Game on!

It is too nice to be inside, I head out and take care of the lawn, cleaning out the cars and several other chores. I also start prepping my painting. My goal is to have the painting for the charity completed by Friday. I take a few minutes to practice my welding; it is getting better, but I still have a long way to go.

Throughout the day I am thinking about my buddy Bobalu, but I have not heard him from him yet. He is running the Chicago marathon today. I will call him in a few hours, right now, I prepare for dinner. Sausage and peppers for me and “City Chicken” for the rest of the family. Good stuff. As I am making the food the call comes in from Bobalu… he has a great race but does not qualify… missed by 12 minutes. He’ll try again at the Dallas White Rock Marathon on December 11th. It will be the 27th time he runs that Marathon.

Dinner comes and goes after which we all play football in the yard. A good time with dad as the all time QB. My passer rating is far higher this evening than it was earlier today.

The evening winds down with showers, homework and some time hanging together on the couch. The days football picks are close as predicted. It comes down to the Patriots and Denver. Denver pulls out a victory in over time and I win the weekend.

The batteries are recharged and tomorrow starts week number 8 of training.

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