Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Track to Strip

Day 59

Boston Qualifying Training. I stayed up a little too late last night, but I was enjoying the Yankee game and decide I might catch a few Zzzz’s on route to Vegas later in the day. I finally called it quits at 11:15 and hit the hey. I fell asleep immediately, waking once with an 30 minutes until I need to wake up, I rolled over for what seemed like moments waking just before the alarm went off.

Heading downstairs, I slipped out the door quietly. Arriving at the gym, I laced up the shoes and waited as the gang rolled in. First, Jeff, than Jay, the girls and Corey. It was a good group and I was excited about today’s track workout. 1 mile warm up, 1 mile at 6:31, 400 RI, 2 miles at 13:42, 800 RI, 800 at 3:13 with a 400 RI. A real test of speed and endurance.

Rolling down toward the track, the extra people in the group seemed to add to the overall energy. Each a great athlete, all dedicated to being better athletes. Many in the group will be running the Huntsville Marathon, along with Jay and me.

My last trip to the track as well as Monday's tempo run was too fast. I am focused on nailing the time today. With that in mind, I lead the first of two laps of the mile. The Goal to hit negative splits… the first 400 was 3 seconds slow, the 800 was 2 seconds, 1200, 1 second and final lap we ended with a time of 6:17. I had a bit of a calculation error on the last lap and Jay and I ripped it. But it was not a ridiculous speed and we were well in control.

I was happy that my heart rate returned to normal shortly after the first mile, better my lungs were now open for business. A quick 400 RI and it was time for the two mile run, we were ready. I would take the first mile and Jay would take the second. Again the goal, negative splits. The miles would be 6:51 per mile. However, looking back I can see my calculations were off. I kept thinking we had to have the same splits as the mile we just finished, 6:41.

Setting off the first 400 was 1:44, the 800 at 3:28… the time kept dropping by quarter, at the end of the first mile, our time was 6:39, very good. As I moved to the right, Jay slipped by and looked as if he just started running, fresh, strong, great stride. I fell in behind Jay and let him pull me along. He, just as I took each lap consistently, while shaving a ½ second of each lap. We finished the second mile at 6:36, two seconds faster and 24 seconds faster than goal.

Overall, I felt great, I felt strong, I knew there was a lot in the tank an I could tell Jay was just in a glide mode, there is a lot of speed we are holding back… that will come after the 12th.

After an 800 RI, we headed out on our 800’s 3:13, we hit 3:09, and 3:06, both were easy and seemed almost pedestrian. Highlight of our track outing was a nice meteor shower. I saw two “shooting stars”. I would find out later, this is actually debris from the tail of Hailey’s comet. Very cool.

The jog back to LTF was brisk. The stretching was shortened as I wanted to get home in time to drive William to school. He’s such a great kid. I arrive back home from taking Wil to school just in time to give Jack a big hug before he leaves for school.

Running down stairs, I print out my boarding pass and fire out a few email. I have a number of calls I will take as I drive to the airport. All the calls go well and I make the plane with minutes to spare, too close for my liking.

Arriving in Vegas I put out a few fires that flared up while I was in the air. Attending the evening meeting, I secure a few good business calls. I expect this trip will help us in the next few week.

I end the evening with a quick walk down the Vegas Strip.

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