Monday, October 26, 2009

Saturday Rush Hour

Day 62

Boston Qualifying Training. I went to bed early last night, though I did make certain that I spent time with the family as I was gone half the week. The boys practice well and I am excited about our upcoming games. I really think that Wil’s team and Jack’s team can pull out victories. Jay pushed our run back to 6:30, I am happy about that, however I still need to go drop bottles.

Waking at 5:40, I the bottle drops are done. I am excited about this run, but I feel fairly ragged. I am not tired, but I am fatigued. It is good to see Corey on the run with us, it make the first 10.5 go by a little easier. Jay looks relaxed the entire time. Corey does not break a sweat. I am putting out and effort. After dropping off Corey, I am feeling a bit deflated. I struggle as we climb the hills at North Point. I struggle on the run back up Haynes Bridge. Reaching Academy, my spirits rise, knowing we are almost done. We hope to catch up with Craver to bring us in the last 2-3 miles. Taking the right on Henderson, off Hwy 9, I am feeding off Jay’s conditioning and good spirits. He is ready to go and could qualify tomorrow. As we hit Cumming, we have not seen Jeff and decide to go Right rather than left. We end right at LTF… good and done. I am beat, but it is over, the third 20 mile run off the training program.

A quick shower, I have a lot to get done. Leaving the building, there is Jeff. I blew it! We changed our route going right on Westside parkway… 300 yards to the left was Jeff, a good friend, standing there waiting to take us in the rest of the way. Damn. I feel bad. Worse, I was certain that Jeff had just changed his mind on meeting Jay and I. Dang. He waited 10 minutes. Never again do I change a route. Bad, bad, bad.

I was not pleased with my run. I felt the last 10 miles, every step. Two weeks ago during and after the 20 miles I felt great, today, not so good. I decide to put it behind me, especially after the travel and late nights in Las Vegas. Besides… better things are ahead this weekend, Wil’s game is this afternoon, Jacks game is under the lights at 8:00 and the day culminates with the Halloween party at the Craver’s. I am ready for it. But first… more work!

With my sister visiting next week, I have the guest bedroom to paint. I work hard to get the work done, but clearly this will take the weekend and not happen in one day. I blink and it is time to go to Wil’s game. He does great, running in for a Touchdown, throwing a Touchdown pass and running in a two point conversion on a real heads up play. The two point play was originally a pass… the man was covered, Wil stiff arms the defensive corner back and runs the ball in for the score. They destroy the other team. Nice to see Wil have a good game and get to be the center of attention.

Wil’s game link on Youtube

A quick meal and we are at Jack’s game. It is tough. Jack is starting quarterback. He is a solid player. He take a couple of vicious hits early but does not let anyone on his team know, a leader. The boys play great and the score is 0 – 0 at halftime. The kids are playing tough. However the second half is a disaster. I do not know if it is my play calling, lack of adjustments, or that the kids just stopped playing. What I do know is we were stomped. 20 – 0 in the second half. We lose. Rats! The boys are all dejected. Jack and a couple of the other boys put in good games, but many of the boys quit on the team and did not give their best. I have to find a way to inspire these boys.

I decide I will think about this later. I have the Carver party to go to…! My idea was to go as Max, from Where the Wild Things Are. However, I never get the main part I was going to use for the costume. I have to opt for Plan B. Earlier in the day while picking up Jack costume, I spot a costume that should bring a laugh. Tinkerbelle. Trying it on, I was surprised it fit. I felt badly for the father that had to explain to his daughter at the Halloween store why the “furry” grown man was wearing the same costume. Oh well. It brings a laugh to Kim and the boys and decide, yeah, this will do. Good thing I am comfortable with my masculinity.

Changing in the parking lot of the game, I try hard to make certain none of the boys on the football team see me driving away wearing a Tinkerbelle costume. Now, I learned a few things from this experience right away; 1) wind blowing up your skirt can be a chill or a thrill depending on the temperature, 2) the skirt always is in the way of the seat belt, 3) your bare skin on the seat of the car, again, chill or thrill, 4) there is no place to put a wallet, keys or cell phone, 4) everyone wants to look up your skirt, just to make certain you are wearing underwear. I think I’ll stick with my pants from here on out.

The party is great the costumes are great, the food fantastic and the beer ice cold, I only wish I could have been their earlier. A few drinks, I stopped at three, two would have been better and a jello shooter cuts the stress… however it was almost like letting the air out of a balloon. As if it all hit at one time, I am really feeling the last 5 days as they crash down on me. It’s 11:30 and I am done. I say my good byes and thank you’s and head home. Kim and the boys are already home from the neighbor party. That party too is winding down, I slip in the backdoor to make certain no one see’s “Tink” and I am thankful as I walk in the door that I was not pulled over on the way home. That would have been bad.

I look forward to sleeping in on Sunday. Week 9 is done!

Weight… 176! That is great!

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