Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beer Night! You're Kidding Right?

Day 53

Boston Qualifying Training. All day yesterday I was looking for 15 minutes that I might just close my eyes for a few minutes and unwind. It never happened. As soon as Jack and I returned from football practice it was already after 9:00 PM. I showered and was in bed by 9:30. My body was in need of sleep… a deep recovery sleep. I never opened my eyes until the alarm went off at 5:00 AM.

Today’s Master Swim Class was good. Though I did not have the speed necessary to keep up on the 5 x 300 at a 6:00 minute pace. Basically it became a 30 minute 1500 swim for me. Every time I hit the wall it I was time to go… go… go..! I’m not a big fan of coming in last place, even when I am just practicing, but clearly, that was the case. I was the absolute last person to hit the wall, not by a little either, but a lot. Jay was hitting the wall with a minute to go… dang. That is frustrating. It kills me to hear how fast they are going compared to what I am doing. Yes I have an ego and I know it. I need to find that speed.

Mike has been throwing in a few strength building sets, there I actually find myself on the good side of the crowd. Bring it I can muscle my way through the water.

Leaving the gym I know that I MUST find time to lift weights today. I think the more I hit the gym, the better I feel in the pool as well as the run. It will be a late lunch workout.

6 hours later.... It is now way past lunch, I just finished mapping out tomorrows run and sending it to the guys. It will be good to have a few more people on this run. The emails fly back and forth between Corey, Jay and I and somewhere along the way, Jay started emailing with an Italian accent. Humorous, but clearly a typo, that did not stop Corey and I from relentless needling.

With the course mapped out, Corey has thrown out a wager, one I clearly plan on winning. Our goal tomorrow is negative splits, 8:35 for the first nine, 8:24 for the last nine. The wager… a six pack of Sierra Nevada.

Now, if it were just money, I would not say I could hold to that bet, but a six pack of my favorite beer. Corey, Just bring it in a cooler, I'll drink it for breakfast!

Speaking of beer I have been wound too tight these past few weeks... solution.. I am having a quick beer at Taco Mac tonight, the glass was just too cool to pass up. Besides, it was a very good seasonal Pumpkin Ale. Yummy. I did hold off from eating the wings. Those I took home to some very happy boy! Pasta by Bob tonight and a nice salad for those sitting in the adult section of the table.

I am eager to run tomorrow! It will be fun with the group.


CSP said...

Alright. I need one of those Pumpkin Ales at Taco Mac. I am there this weekend.

Robert Marinich said...

I'll call you next time...!