Thursday, October 1, 2009

Double Stuff Love

Okay, this is hard to put in a training log though it certainly deserves to be mentioned. As I work toward my goal of Qualifying for The Boston Marathon, a large part of that is attaining a goal weight of 175 ish or better for the race.

I have been pretty good about minimizing the wrong food and maximizing the right food. Dried Apricot's, nuts, things like that to go along with a Cliff Bar, rather than bad snacking. However, the other day I was craving junk, not just any junk, but cookies and not just cookies, but Double Stuff Oreo's. Now, here's the deal, I do not really even like Oreo's that much, they are good sure, but I'd rather have one of Kim's homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, they are great and no one makes better cookies than Kim. But that day, I was jonesing on Double Stuff Oreo's. Take two of them apart and slap it together for a quadruple stuff Oreo. I shared this thought with Kim and we laughed.

Yesterday I came home from working out yesterday and opened the pantry for my snack of nuts and a cliff bar... and there they were, all wrapped up in their familiar blue package... Double Stuff Oreos. No question... true love. Now I have a Double Stuff conundrum.

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CSP said...

Dude, indulge but don't eat the whole pack with a gallon of milk.