Monday, October 12, 2009

Track... No Tempo...

Day 50

Boston Qualifying Training. This is the start of week 8. I wake 4 minutes before the alarm goes off. I hear it before I even get out of bed, that all too familiar sound… Rain. It is heavy and steady, certainly it will not be ending any time soon. As I always say, it rains on race day, so there is no backing down. I dress for the track and head to the gym.

As I sit in the lobby waiting, Jay walks up. “Bob, I know it rains on race day and we are tough, but we have a choice, let’s do the tempo run today.” I think Jay may fear that I say, no, today is track, let’s go. But he is right, we have a choice. “Sure Jay” I say. The tension on his face relaxes, and he is quickly relieved. We meet at the treadmill. This works well for me too.

At times I dread the Tempo run. It is a run I enjoy, but I always think about this run too much. It is also why I have problems with this run. Most of the time it is too fast, last time, slow. I need to dial this run in, I consider the Tempo run to be the most important run in our training.

With the last minute change of schedule, we hit a 2 mile EZ warm up, 3 miles at 7:13 pace and 1 mile EZ cool down. My stride is very poor. My legs are a little tired, feeling a little bit of yesterday’s game, but my conditioning is fine. I am barely breathing heavy. The gym is warm and at the end of the run I am soaked, dripping with sweat. It feels good.

Jay and I hit our stretching and core workout. I see Ann Marie as I leave the gym and she too is doing well with her training. It is fun to have so many of us training for this race. Later today I will go to my first Pilate's workout; that should be interesting.

A lot of work to get done today and I hope to close some business this week. A good thing for everyone.

Weight 177

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