Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How long you in for...

Wednesday. Monday I hit a good tempo run on the treadmill to start Week 4. The run was tough and I felt labored, but once I passed the halfway mark it seemed to get a bit easier. It felt good to run next to one of my buddies and see someone else that was grinding away at their workout, misery they say loves company, though I think I was the only one that was truly miserable as he seemed to glide effortlessly along the belt. Tuesday was a good solid day, for everything. I seemed to eat better and my workout was a good, tough swim, only 2500 meters. I will likely start to cap the workouts between 2500-3000 meters. Faster days on Tuesday and longer days on Thursday. I swam with Rebecca though she was typically 10-30 seconds ahead depending on the length we were swimming in the set. I felt bad that I was unable to give her a challenge and push her, but good that she was pushing me on every set. Our last set was a nice 2 x 200 with a speed pick up in the middle. We both commented on how much form we lost during the speed portion but as we reverted back to form for the last 50, our split did not drop. Swimming is so much technique and body position in the water, this was clearly proof. The remainder of the day was consumed with work, I did not move off my chair for the next 6 hours and it felt good to be so productive. The evening was uneventful and I was looking forward to a good night’s rest.

This morning I woke 5 minute before the alarm rang so I grabbed my gear and headed to the gym. The crowd was huge for our track workout, there must have been 10 people. Nice to see the dedication by so many. I went into today’s workout with a little bit of fear, at least concern. I had decided for the next few weeks I would try to hit the workouts for a projected marathon time of 3:15. This meant that I would be running the 5 x 1000 today at 3:44. Basically 45 seconds per 200 meters with the last one being 44 seconds.

My legs felt tired and stiff as we jogged down to the track. As we neared, I quickened the pace a bit just to better warm up. As everyone was mulling around I decide, it was time to go, clearing my watch, I was off. The first lap is always a little more difficult as the lungs have not completely opened and the muscle are still warming up. I kept my pace in check and hit my 200 time right on. My next 200 was a bit slow and from there I ran negative splits. The rest was a 400 jog/walk, that I did fairly quickly. Of the 5 X 1000, I hit my 3:44 mark on all but one, that one was fast, 3:42. Overall I was happy with my performance, the last 1000 was dead on hitting every split consistently, 45, 45, 45, 45 and 44. Perfect. Afterwards we all went for a bagel, and some friendly chatter.

The rest of my morning was consumed with work and a brief meeting with Jack’s orthodontist. Jack will be getting braces beginning July 27 & 28th. It will not be fun, but they will be off before he enters high school. The thought of him entering high school made me feel proud and slightly older all at the same time. Glad I am spending as much time with he and Wil as I can. The time goes by way too quickly.

Weight… 179.

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